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4 top tips for choosing the perfect LinkedIn profile picture

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4 top tips for choosing the perfect LinkedIn profile picture

Being present on LinkedIn is essential when job hunting. What is equally important is how you present yourself. Your LinkedIn profile picture is one of the first things peers and potential employers will look at when viewing your profile, this is your first chance to impress. There are many ways you could go wrong so follow our top tips below for some assistance in choosing the best LinkedIn photo.

Take a clear head shot

The image of yourself should have a clear, non-distracting background. Your face should take up a good part of the frame and not include other people. It is important for your potential employer to be able to see your image clearly in high quality.

Pick the right outfit

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an entry level or senior position in a large corporation – you should take your LinkedIn profile picture wearing the clothes you would usually wear to work or to an interview. Keep the colour of your outfit solid or neutral. Floral, patterned and bright colours are not always deemed professional. Although at the same time, dependent on the industry you work in you should take into account that using this as an opportunity to show off your personality could also work in your favour.

Avoid selfies

Selfies are only really acceptable on Facebook and Instagram – not a professional platform like LinkedIn. Ask another person to take this picture for you and do not (under any circumstances) use filters!

A black and white filter is acceptable, however it is good for your potential employers to see you in natural light – so only use this if you think it helps to improve the image. Maybe ask for a second opinion on this if you decide to use black and white, just to be sure.

Take the picture in natural light

In the world of photography – lighting is everything. Harsh lighting can tint your pictures and create unwanted shadows on your face. Using flash can be a bad idea too as this can cause your face to look shiny.

Hopefully you have taken these points into account when choosing your LinkedIn profile photo and showcasing your personal brand, however this is just the start in your LinkedIn journey. Why not take a look at our blog “How to find a job on LinkedIn” for some extra support or alternatively check out our job page for all our latest jobs.