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Employer Brand: 10 Things Every New Starter Needs

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10 things every new starter needs

We all know how it is. That rush of nerves on the first day of a new job. Even the most confident of us falter when it comes to stepping into the office on the first day!

So how can you make it easier and give that new starter everything they need to make the first day go well? We’ve put together a list:

Notepad and pen

It’s a basic but a good one and something you should give them as soon as they are shown their desk. It can really help make someone feel comfortable to have somewhere they can make notes or write lists of things they need to know about the office.

A handwritten welcome note or card

Depending on the size of your company this could be anything from a card signed by everyone in the office to a handwritten note from their manager or the CEO welcoming them to the business.

Access to perks

Ok, so the first day is a bit overwhelming and at times they may even wonder why they signed up to this so give them access and explain the perks system. This is a great motivator and reminds your newbie why they wanted to join you. At Swanstaff we use the Perkbox app and explain it as part of our induction so people know about it and can use it.

The tools to do their job

Whether it’s a phone, a laptop, a uniform or business cards it is best to have these ready for the day the person starts to help them settle in quickly and feel comfortable.

Comprehensive induction

There is nothing worse than getting to a new company and not being able to understand the various aspects of the business. Here at Swanstaff, we have a full induction for new staff which includes a video introduction to the company, PowerPoint presentations about what it is like to work here, a welcome to the business and segments from managers of each department, explaining what they do and how it will relate to the new starters role.

A first-week buddy

Choose someone the person will be working with or near to guide them and answer any questions. This can be anything from how to work the printer or kettle to where to find the stationary.

An office tour

This should be something their buddy should do when they first get in. Showing the new starter where everything is will not only be a great way to make them more relaxed and comfortable but it will also allow you to introduce them personally to people as they go around the office.

Make their first lunchtime good

Whether this is taking them out to lunch or eating lunch with them to chat, make it special. We take our new starters out for lunch and use it as an opportunity for them to meet people in the other areas of the company.

Send an email or announce their arrival

This may not be the most fun part for a new starter if they are quite introverted but it is good to announce them and introduce them to the team so they can be made to feel welcome. At Swanstaff, we send an email around and encourage responses welcoming them to the company.

Schedule an end of the day and end of the week meeting

It can be really helpful to a new starter to be able to meet with their line manager for a few minutes at the end of their first day so they can ask any questions that may have come up and speak to them about how they feel their first day has gone. Another can be set for the end of the first week to see how they are finding things and if there is anything they need.

Once your new starter is settled in, we're sure you will want to keep them happy and smiling. If you need ideas, then check out our blog on the 10 ways we made our employees smile this week!

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