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4 productive things to do on your commute to work

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4 productive things to do on your commute to work

Your daily commute does not have to be the most boring part of your day. With a bit of strategic planning you can use your commuting time to recharge and boost productivity. Here are some good examples of how you could spend your commuting time to ensure a more productive day.

#1 – Pump up and wind down

The morning commute is the perfect opportunity to get into a good mood and energised for the day ahead to make sure you start the day with the right attitude. This can be done by listening to upbeat music through headphones or any music that sends your mood rocketing. You can also do this by light exercising – I.E. cycle or walk to work – exercise releases endorphins that trigger positive feelings in the body and is great for maintaining good Mental Health.

Winding down on your commute home is also essential. This is especially true if you have had a long and stressful day. Winding down can be done by listening to calming music, downloading calm and wellbeing apps, reading a book or listening to an audio book, playing a game on your phone or simply having a conversation with someone.

#2 – Check voice mails and get ahead of emails

If you’re not driving or in control of a vehicle – it can be productive to get ahead and check any emails that may have come through after you left work the previous evening. Also, make sure you check any voice mails from phone calls you may have missed. Getting ahead of these can ensure you are fully focused on your work today.

#3 – Create a to-do list

By using your commuting time to create a to-do list, you are creating more time to actually complete the tasks once you arrive at work (because you don’t have to waste 10-15 minutes writing down what you need to do). On your commute, you can sit and think about what there is to do today and what should be prioritised. This sets you up for an organised and productive day. Writing a to do list is also a great way to manage stress as you’ll feel more prepared and in control of your working day.

#4 – Actually switch off

Using your commuting time to actually switch off can be very beneficial. Your commute doesn’t have to be full of brain teasers and work emails. Sometimes, in order to recharge you just need to rest and do nothing. Not only will doing this make you more relaxed and calm – it will also mean you will go into work with enough energy to start the day. You may choose to practise mindfulness techniques to make the most of your downtime.

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