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4 reasons to recruit staff in January

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Well, the festive period is well and truly over for another year. This can only mean that it is time to kick start 2020 with some new goals and aspirations, right? So what better chance to brush up on your recruiting skills and start recruiting for your dream team! Check out the reasons why you need to be recruiting in January…

New Year’s resolutions

Lots of people will be making a New Year’s resolution to enter 2020 with. It is thought that over 30% of UK workers consider a career change as the New Year Gets underway as they re-evaluate their lives, finances and aspirations. Data shows that January see’s a huge surge (33%) in Job searches on the top job boards compared to December, therefore there will be an influx of potential candidates to choose from, who are just waiting for your call – don’t miss out!

More optimism

Each year, January 1st is known to bring a wave of optimism over people. This can be in their personal or professional lives. A person who feels optimistic will go after what they want – so here’s your chance to show them that working for you and your company is the right move. Hopefully your colleagues and employees will be full of positivity and optimism too – a great time to be introducing new team members and ensuring there is a great company culture to make them stay!

New Year, new business goals

It’s not only job seekers who take time to reflect as the New Year begins, business leaders and Senior team members also take time out to set their professional and business goals and they draw up the strategy, resources and budgets that they need to achieve these. Chances are that if you are looking to grow your business (and you should be!) that you’ll be looking for talented people to help you achieve this. This is your chance to really capture your idea of who you want to employ and take the time to scout them out!

Fresh mind

Having the Christmas/New Year period off to chill out and recharge – you will be going back to work with a clear mind and can really focus on your recruitment plan and getting it done, instead of being distracted by other things.

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