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Myths About HGV Driver Training That Need to Be Put to Rest

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Myths about HGV driving training that needs to be put to rest

There are a lot of false impressions about HGV driver training. So we thought we’d address some of the main myths and finally put them to rest. Take a look at these 4 most popular myths and we will set the story straight for you...

Myth #1: It’s difficult to get on a training course

You don’t actually need any specific qualifications to train to be an HGV driver other than to be over 18, hold a UK driving license and be eager to learn from the right trainers. There are many different training providers who will accommodate you; you just need to find the one that’s right for you.

HGV Lorry

Myth #2: The medical test is scary

The law states that all HGV drivers are required to be in a suitable state of health in order to control their vehicles on public roads. That is why every new driver must go through a medical exam and has to be re-examined every time their license needs to be renewed.

Honestly, this is not as daunting as it may sound. There is no training or preparation that needs to take place prior. It is just a simple check-up that will give you and the DVLA the necessary reassurance that you are fit to drive without being a hazard to other road users.

medical papers

Myth #3: It’s a sexist field to be in

While female HGV drivers are undeniably the minority in the industry, there are more and more women taking up a career behind the wheel. Of course, the small number of women drivers means that sometimes people find themselves double-taking every now and again but, in society in general, people are now far more accepting of women being behind the wheel of an HGV.

young women getting into red truck

Myth #4: There are next to no jobs at the end of the training

This myth couldn’t be any further from the truth! Haulage companies are bending over backward and digging deep into their pockets to attract new drivers…

As the economy continues to grow, there are more than enough driving jobs to go around and that is available for people working locally and nationally too. Some European nationals who are living and working in the UK are choosing to return to their original country after 2016’s Brexit vote. This means that there are even more vacancies for qualified drivers. Another reason that there are lots of HGV jobs is the rise in online shopping calls for more delivery drivers and their lorries!

2 hgv lorries in a loading bay

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