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Work experience : Why is it important?

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Work experience : Why is it important?

There is a negative stigma around work experience that needs to be broken, and that’s what this blog is here to do.

Let’s be honest, when we finish secondary education most of us just don’t know what we want to spend the rest of our working lives doing, do we?

Not being completely sure on what you want to do as a career is one of the top reasons why work experience is so important and beneficial. Trying out different industries and job roles without going through the dreaded interview/hiring process sounds like a dream, right? Right! Doing work experience also helps you understand the expectations of an employer and how you conduct yourself in the workplace.

If you do know what you want to do as a career (or are pretty sure you do) then work experience is a great way to really get a feel for the industry and the specific role before you completely jump into the world of work!

Completing voluntary work experience will also show employers that you are actually interested and passionate about the chosen industry/role. This can boost your confidence and put you at the front of their minds when they are hiring, or they may even take you on!

Work experience is everything it says on the tin – it gives you experience in the working world. Which is believed to be what most employers favour over grades.

Charles Kilfoy, EdD and Vice President of Learner Success at North-eastern Universtity said:

“Employers today expect recent college graduates to demonstrate the equivalent of two years’ worth of work experience in their domain before they’ll consider hiring them,” he reveals. “That’s why it’s important to build experiential opportunity right into our academic programs, so learners apply classroom skills to solve real-world problems for real workplace sponsors.” 

There can be 100+ candidates all going for the same job, but already having experience in the role (or just the working world in general) can set you aside from the competition. Resulting in you being more successful in finding your perfect job!

Networking is also a huge part of why work experience is beneficial. Meeting and speaking with new people from all different industries can broaden your job prospects and open your mind to new job roles (and skills of your own) that you may not have known existed.

My name is Ellie, and before I started as a Marketing Apprentice at Swanstaff Recruitment, I knew nothing about Marketing - but I did know that it was something that may suit my personality and meet my interests. So I completed voluntary work experience with the company. I enjoyed my time so much and it resulted with me being offered an interview for a full time role that also offered me the opportunity to gain a further qualification, so in my experience my work placement has been a catalyst for my career.