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5 Benefits of Working for A Temporary Staffing Agency

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You may be looking for options besides permanent employment. If you are looking for temporary work and wondering why work with a temporary employment agency then keep reading.

There are several reasons people choose to start agency work. Many people begin their careers working as a temp within an employment agency.

So, are temp agencies worth it? Let’s find out how temporary staffing work by looking into the five main benefits that it provides:

1 -     Get Hired Quickly & At a Good Rate

Are temporary staffing agencies helpful? 

Yes, because if you are actively hunting for a job and did not have any luck so far, sit back and relax and let the staffing agency do the legwork for you. They always have a ready-to-join list of temporary roles that need to be filled. So, you not only find work easily and relatively quickly than permanent roles but also get good pay depending upon the hours you work for. 

Full-time positions take a lot of time to find. If you want to save time, then become an agency worker.

2 -     Choose Your Own Hours

By working with an employment agency, you have the chance to be in control of your life. It may be that you already have other commitments outside of work so being able to work flexibly and choose hours that fit your lifestyle will enable you to build a career that suits your needs.


3 -     Improve Your Skills                             

Agency work allows you to work within different environments potentially for numerous companies that will help you build upon your skills and improve your resume. The best recruitment agency will provide valuable training so you can gain the skills you need to find better work and get paid at a higher rate. You may even discover that you like working in a particular type of setting more than others and would like to further your career within it in the future.

4 -     Get Paid Weekly

If you are still on the fence and thinking, “Should I choose a staffing agency to find a job?”, then look for a good staffing company like Swanstaff. We will offer you the benefit of weekly pay at an hourly rate. A payday every week, what could be better, right?

Here are some other benefits we offer as a temp agency:

  • Free Training
  • Flexible Hours per week - Full time or Part-Time, Day Shifts and/or Night Shifts
  • Variable work environments providing a great opportunity to expand your skills
  • Fast DBS Checking and Compliance Clearance
  • Refer a Friend Scheme – earn up to £250 per referral
  • Ambassador Scheme – access to company Perks/discounts & immediate referral bonuses
  • Temp of the Month Scheme
  • Friendly office teams plus the support of dedicated payroll and compliance staff.
  • Swanstaff App – easily send your availability and receive Jobs Alerts

5 -     Explore Better Work Opportunities

If what you are really looking for is a permanent role then don’t rule out temporary work. Temporary work gives you that foot in the door into many respected businesses. If a permanent role is what you are aiming for then an agency will be able to help you find your perfect role while you work as a temporary worker.

Now you know some of the main benefits of agency working, you’re probably wondering if you’ve chosen the right agency for you. Swanstaff as an employment agency does more than just fill job openings; we go the extra mile for all of our candidates.

If you are job searching then have a look at our vacancies page to see if we’ve got the open position which is a good fit for you.

Would you like to become a Swanstaff temporary worker? Then, please fill the form given below and a member of our staff will be in touch soon.

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