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5 Essential Items to Keep as a Healthcare Assistant

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Every job has a set of essential tools that you will use to do the job well. Healthcare assistant (HCA) work is no different.

If you understand the role of a healthcare assistant and what it takes to be an HCA, then you must also be aware that their job involves caring for people with a variety of needs and challenges so the tools they carry need to be able to help them in a number of different situations.

We asked real HCA’s what they carry with them to make the job easier and these are the most recommended items:

1- Notepad and Pens

Healthcare assistants get through a number of pens during their work. They are constantly taking notes, writing updates or documenting things in care plans. It is important that they have pens available to do this. However, pens are one of those things that are always going missing so make sure to be carrying a few.

2- Penlight Torch

Penlights are useful for a number of different things including as a diagnostic tool if your role requires it. They can also help on a night shift if you need to read instructions in care plans or write something but are unable to switch a light on.

3- Fob Watch 

Fob watches are useful in most healthcare job roles. They help you to track your shift, plan tasks and record observations correctly.

4- Hand Sanitizer 

Although many care homes will provide hand sanitizer pumps around the home (which are really handy!) it can help to carry a small one with you. You can get ones that clip onto belts on loops depending on the type of uniform you will be wearing.

5- Gloves

It can help to grab a couple of spare sets of gloves at the start of your shift. You never know when you might urgently need them!

Can you think of anything else we might have missed off here?

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