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Employer Brand: 8 Team-Building Exercises to Boost Employee Engagement

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Team-building. It’s sometimes seen as the marmite of the employee engagement world. You either love it or you hate it!

We're here to show you how you can plan team building activities that won’t bore your staff and will actually increase employee engagement.

There are a number of factors to consider:

1 - The size of your team

Some tasks won’t suit smaller teams and so you may need to plan to use a different space if you have a large group.

2 - The personalities within your team

Are they introverts or extroverts?

3 - The likes and dislikes of the individuals

 Are they really sporty? You want to make sure you pick something everyone will want to get involved in.

Now have a think about what you would like to gain from the team building activity?

Are you trying to improve problem-solving skills, help people get to know one another or maybe something else?

So, keeping your answers to all of the above in mind, here are our top 5 team building activities that we've run at company events and our staff have loved!

4 - Knowing me, Knowing you

This team-building task is essentially a scavenger hunt but instead of items, you need to find people. All you need to do is set a range of qualities or attributes for people to find. This could be anything from someone with blue eyes, someone with a horse, someone who drives a BMW, etc. The only rule is that you can only put someone’s name down once on the sheet.

  • Group size: Unlimited (the bigger the better!)    Length: 15-45 minutes depending on group size    Benefits: Relationship building, creating discussion

5 - Do good, feel good

Plan a charity event. Split your group into teams (if you have more than 10 people) and ask them to choose a charity and then come up with a creative fundraising idea. You could give them a budget to spend but you don’t have to. In the end, ask people to vote for their favourite idea and then run this as a charity event.

  • Group size: Unlimited    Length: 20 minutes    Benefits: Problem-solving, creating discussion

6 - Common knowledge

Find five things you all have in common with each other. For this one, it works best in smaller groups. Maybe you all have a freckle on your left thumb or all love country music? This one is great as a warm-up task before a bigger team building task. Try to think outside the box with your answers!

  • Group size: 2-5 (any bigger and it tends to be impossible!)    Length: 5-15 minutes depending on group size    Benefits: Relationship building, creating discussion

7 - Who do you think you are

There are a number of great personality quizzes out there that you can print or do online. Choose one of these and get people to take it. Once you have the results, get people to stand with others with similar personalities and see if there are any who surprise you. Discuss your results in teams and use the information you learn to get to know your team better.

  • Group size: Unlimited    Length: Dependant on quiz    Benefits: Relationship building, create discussion

8 - The apprentice

Split people into teams. Ask them to create a product or service around the topic of your choice. Provide them with lined paper, A3 paper, and colored pens and ask them to split themselves in half. One half will be Marketing and Design, they will come up with a logo, tagline, marketing plan and marketing budget for their product or service. The other will be Sales and Finance, they will work out the costs and how the will pitch their product and who it will be aimed at. This task is a great one for salespeople and gets them to think about production costs, marketing, office costs and so much more that go into selling a product or service. Ask your CEO or Manager to pick a winner from the pitches.

  • Group size: Split into teams of 4-6    Length: 45 minutes    Benefits: Problem-solving, creating discussion

 Can you think of any other team-building tasks you could try? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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