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Why Hire Temporary Staff?

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Why Hire Temporary Staff?

Introducing and using temporary staff into your business can be super beneficial for multiple reasons.

  • It can provide flexibility to your company in an unstable economy. Temp workers are under no contracted hours (unless stated) so it can be decided between both parties when and how much they work. With 1.4 million people in the UK classing themselves as Temp workers, you have a variety to pick from!  
  • Temp staff can save you a lot of money as you are not paying a fixed salary each month. You are only paying for the shifts picked up by the temp worker. It is unlikely that a temp worker will work 5 days a week every week, unless they are working for a contracted period of time.
  • Another option to think about (which is beneficial to both the employer and the temp worker) is temp to perm positions. This is where you can bring in a worker on a temporary basis to start off with and then progress them into a permanent role. Doing this can allow you to see how they are in the role and you can see if they are the right fit instead of relying on how they come across in their interview. This leads to better and more efficient permanent hires.
  • Bringing in temp staff can also boost the morale of your current employees. They are usually hired through busy periods i.e. Christmas or summer depending on what industry your company is in. Temp staff will allow your employees to shift some of their responsibilities, leaving them less under pressure and more engaged.

Did you know?

  • 1.4 Million People in UK class themselves as in temporary employment.  
  • 738,000 of these are part time workers
  • 254,000 of these say they are employed by an agency.

In the image below, you can see the importance of agency workers.


Legal responsibilities when hiring temp staff

Even though you are not technically the temp workers’ employer, you are still liable for their Health and Safety in the workplace.

The recruitment agency is obliged to provide the worker with written terms of their employment, which includes:

  • Whether they are employed under contract of services or contract of employment.
  • Their notice period.
  • The pay rate.
  • Their holiday entitlement.

When offered the job, the agency is legally responsible to provide the worker with:

  • The start date.
  • How long they are required to work there.
  • The type of work they will be doing.
  • Expenses.
  • The location.
  • The hours required.
  • Any Health and Safety risks.
  • Experience, training or qualifications needed.

Recruitment agencies legally cannot charge the candidate a fee for finding or trying to find the worker a job. They can however, charge a fee for services such as cv writing, training or transport.

From the day the temp candidate starts working, they legally have Worker’s Employment Rights. After 12 weeks in the job, the worker qualifies for the same rights as someone who is employed directly. This is known as equal treatment. These rights include:

  • Equal pay.
  • Automatic pension enrolment.
  • Paid annual leave.

Any temp worker is entitled to minimum wage for all hours they work. As of April 2019 the minimum wage brackets are as follows:

  • 16-17 year olds - £4.62 per hour
  • 18-20 year olds - £6.56 per hour
  • 21-24 year olds - £8.36 per hour
  • 25+ - £8.91 per hour

One thing you will hear a lot working with recruitment agencies is something called Pay Parity. This is defined as ensuring that all employees in the same job in the same location are paid fairly relative to one another, regardless of their gender or ethnicity. As an agency, it is our responsibility to ensure this is the case.

Best ways to recruit temp staff

The easiest, safest and quickest way to recruit temporary staff is through an agency. Want to know why? Check below…

  • Recruitment agencies will already have a strong pool of candidates just waiting for that call.
  • All compliance is handled by the agency by a qualified team so you don’t have to worry about any risks.
  • All payrolls will also be handled by the agency.
  • Agency consultants and resourcers will already have market knowledge and will know what kind of qualities and skills to look for in a candidate.
  • You will have access to better and higher quality candidates.
  • It saves you time!
  • Better/more appealing job adverts!

How to choose the recruitment agency for you

It can be hard to choose the best recruitment agency for your company when there are so many out there specialising in different fields and work different ways. But overall, when choosing your agency, here are some things to consider:

  • Do they specialise in your industry? Or in the role you are hiring for?
  • Are they in your price range? Or do their prices reflect their work?
  • Are they local to you? Or can you contact them easily?
  • Do you feel like you can trust them?
  • How many candidates can they offer you?
  • What are their compliance procedures?
  • Have they won any awards? Or have they been shortlisted for any?
  • Could you easily form a rapport with them?

Sometimes, you are drawn to the cheapest option especially when your budget isn’t at its highest) but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right option for you.  Sometimes, securing the ‘cheapest option’ may result in poor quality candidates, which isn’t what you need!

In the image below, you can see that the percentage of “quality of service” is on average, the most considered aspect when employers choose their recruitment agency.

All stats in this section are from December 2019 REC Jobs Outlook report.

Maintaining a good relationship with your agency

To get the most out of your chosen recruitment agency, you should build a rapport with them and ensure they understand exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s how you can do this…

  • Clearly outline your expectations – this can be your expectations of the consultants and of the candidates they inevitably put forward to you. Ensure they really understand what kind of person you are looking for. This can avoid any miscommunication.
  • Keep up consistent communication with them.
  • Encourage mutual respect.

On boarding temporary staff

When on boarding temporary staff through an agency, you will need to put a number of things in place to ensure it all runs as smoothly as it can.

  • Provide shadow shifts. This can be highly beneficial to both you and the candidate. Providing shadow shifts can mean that you feel comfortable with the worker going out and knowing what they’re doing after watching someone else. The worker will feel more confident doing the job too.
  • Provide an onsite orientation or induction on their first day. Just show them around the site/office so that they don’t get lost throughout the day/night!
  • Ensure you explain to the worker your expectations of them, there’s nothing worse than that awkward “could you not do that” chat!

Why choose Swanstaff?

Choosing Swanstaff is paramount for your staffing and recruitment needs. Our company was established in 1997 and we are one of the fasting growing recruitment agencies in the UK.

In addition to supplying temporary staff, we also have a growing national permanent team who recruit on a national basis.

We have over 3000 active candidates who we believe portray our core values in every way. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and offer.

Our core values

  • Create opportunities
  • Believe that nothing is impossible
  • Exceed expectations
  • Treat all with respect

Here at Swanstaff, we like to give back to the community. We have taken part in a number of fundraisers and charity events for a variety of different charities, here are just a few:

  • Collecting and donating winter coats to different homeless charities up and down the UK.
  • Children in Need bake sale.
  • Dragon boat challenge for Stacey’s Smiles.
  • Dressed up as Elves for Alzheimer’s Society.
  • Took part in Christmas Jumper Day and raised money for Save the Children.
  • Bundles of joy

We have 9 branches across the UK and a national temporary and permanent team (who are both based at our head office) who are always happy and on hand to help. Please see below to check your nearest branch and their contact number. Happy Recruiting!

Chelmsford branch – 01245 266888

Colchester branch – 01206 570688

Ipswich branch – 01473 558443

Kings Lynn – 01553 601222

National Temps (who cover Milton Keynes and High Wycombe too) – 01322 474655

Peterborough – 01733 307640

Swanley – 01322 614900

Waltham Cross – 01992 641987