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Meet our New Swan Family Centres!

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Meet our New Swan Family Centres!

Swanstaff Recruitment has launched 3 new Swan Family Centres in the last 3 years. Both of our Croydon centres were launched in October 2019 and our Hackney centre in April 2020.

Swanstaff Recruitment who already runs the Swan Family Centres in Bedfordshire, Lambeth, Cardiff, Coventry and Liverpool, ensure that the child is at the heart of the service and the centre of everything we do.

Our innovative practices such as Life Story booklets support a child’s journey through their contact. These booklets also include feedback sections because we value the opinion and feedback from our service users.

Lucy Glass, Director of Contact Centres at Swanstaff says:

“We are proud of what we have achieved as a team over the past 3 years, we couldn’t be happier. Our mission has stayed the same throughout the years and we are delighted to be able to extend that even further as the years go on. We ensure both Croydon and Hackney that we will provide outstanding service and a safe environment for contact.”

The Swan Family services in Croydon and Hackney are available to both local authorities and private referrals and services include Supervised and Supported Contact, Community Contact, Handover and Transport.

For more information about Swanstaff Recruitment and their Swan Family services, or to make a referral please visit www.swanfamily.org.uk