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3 reasons why you should be job hunting over Christmas

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3 reasons why you should be job hunting over Christmas

It’s very common that job seekers put their searches on hold over the Christmas period and this could be for a number of reasons; wanting to spend more time with loved ones, busy with festive activities or maybe they think employers won’t be looking for staff around this time. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Many companies still recruit around the festive period, companies you could be missing out on if you stop your search!

Businesses still have hiring budget to spend

Many people assume that hiring budgets will be drained by the end of the year and that they should wait until the new year to start their job hunt. The truth is departments budget for each quarter and more often than not – they are in a position to take on new starters!

You can be ready to start in January

If you are putting off your job search until January – you might want to re-evaluate your decision. January can be a busy time if year for many companies and therefore managers may struggle to find time to fit in interviews and training for new hires. Where-as the end of the year can be a quieter time making it easier for departments to think about their recruitment plan.

You can beat your competition

If you wait until January to start your job hunt – along with everyone else, your CV and application will be joining the plethora of other applications on the hiring managers’ desk. Use the myth that ‘hiring stops around December’ to your advantage! Whilst everyone else waits to start their job search in January, start yours in early December or even before so that you can be trained and ready to go in January with the rest of the work force!

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