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4 Ways Recruiters Can Smash January!

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4 Ways Recruiters Can Smash January!

So, Christmas is well and truly over, but the thought of lay ins and binging on festive food is still fresh enough in peoples minds that the first few weeks back at work can be slow starting. However, with many candidates using the New Year to launch their new career – Recruiters cannot afford to take their foot off of the gas in January!

With this in mind, we have put together 4 ways that Recruiters can beat the January blues and smash the first month of the year!

Touch base with your existing network

Go ‘back to the basics’ and pick up the phone, call your existing clients and candidates to see where they’re at with their recruitment needs.

  • Are they using New Year to focus on new jobs?
  • Are they considering moving into new Industries? Do you meet these needs?
  • Could they refer other businesses to use your services?

Recruitment is all about retaining and nurturing relationships, which is why the post-Christmas period is the ideal time to strengthen your existing relationships.

Continuously build your pipeline

Some Recruiters may see January as a slow month and therefore may not put as much effort into chasing up new leads or securing new deals. This leaves a door open for you to get ahead of your competition! Stand out from the crowd.

Use January to invest in change

January is the perfect time to review your techniques and resources. It is good to look at things like:

  • Your lead generation – how can you improve this?
  • Your KPIs
  • Your budget

Maybe it’s time to put more of your budget towards social network recruitment?

Lastly, make it fun!

It isn’t hard to let morale slip during January – the festive hangover and the long wait for pay day can take its toll! Click here to find out how you can motivate a flat lining team!