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4 ways to beat the January Job Search Blues

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4 ways to beat the January Job Search Blues

Typically, January sees a substantial rise in Job Seekers entering the market which can make it difficult to secure an interview – or even a response from the employer.

If you’re looking for a new job this month, here are 4 Essential Tips to help you stay motivated and beat those January blues!

There’s no time like the present

January is arguably the best time of the year to Job Search. The next couple of weeks will be crucial to your job search success. Hiring Managers who need to fill vacancies will be keen to move fast, so if you see a vacancy that interests you, don’t waste time – respond quickly.

Set dedicated hours

If you have found yourself out of work, carrying out a job search is your job. For many it is a stressful and demotivating period of time. Stay healthy and positive by adopting a healthy lifestyle and setting limits on the amount of time you commit to your job search. If your job search is proving unsuccessful, contact a recruiter who specialises in your field for advice.


It can be so easy to become distracted when job searching online. Stay focused and identify the essential steps you need to follow and achieve your goals.

You could create a visual plan outlining the:                                    

  • Jobs you are interested in
  • The skills you already have
  • Who you will contact
  • Your target employers

It’s not rejection, it’s redirection

The key is persistence, perseverance and not taking rejection too seriously. Hiring Managers will be inundated with applications similar to yours for just one role. If your CV doesn’t match the Employer requirements, then it is unlikely that you will be invited for an interview!

If you need help with your job search, our team of dedicated and experience consultants are happy to assist you! Please click here to find your nearest branch!