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4 Shortlisting Tips for Hiring Managers

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Shortlisting Tips for Hiring Managers

If you are, or ever have been involved in the Recruitment industry – you will know that finding and hiring the right candidate can be a difficult challenge.

From writing the job advert to shortlising and interviewing candidates, each step has an important part to play in ensuring the process runs smoothly. To help you to perfect your process – let’s look at Swanstaff’s shortlisting top tips!

Define your criteria

Your criteria is the foundation of your success when prescreening and shortlisting candidates quickly and efficiently.

Typically, your general shortlist criteria should be based on what is needed to be a high performer in the specific role. This could be anything from skills and knowledge, personality traits, distance from work and even salary requirements. Your essential criteria should include things that candidates absolutely must have to be considered for an interview I.e specific skills or experience in a certain field.

Clear job adverts and descriptions

Creating clear and specific job adverts and descriptions are paramount in the shortlisting process. Without defining the role, requirements and expectations – applicants will not know if they are suitable therefore making shortlisting a very difficult and long task for you to complete.

Telephone prescreening call

Having a prescreening telephone conversation is another great way to shortlist candidates. It allows you to dig deeper into their personality, skills and knowledge, experience and availability to start a new job.

Video interviews

Over the last few years (especially 2020), video interviewing has become the new normal for many companies. It’s become a highly effective recruitment tool that allows you to shortlist and interview quickly and efficiently – saving you time and money.