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Temporary Recruitment

The team pride themselves in building great working relationships with our clients, making sure that we adapt our services and tailor to their specific needs. We make sure we go above and beyond to assist them in their needs. Our candidates are just as important as our clients and we make sure they know this, we keep in constant contact with them, they have access to one of us 24/7, we are always willing to help them out if they need it as well as making sure we place them in the correct job role/environment.  A happy candidate is a happy client and vice versa!

We asked our Colchester team…

How you embody Swanstaff’s core values in your approach to recruitment?

We believe that nothing is impossible, every challenge we are set, we step up to the mark to the best of our ability. We make sure that everyone is treated with respect and with professionalism.  We make sure that the Swanstaff core values are followed throughout or 360 approach, every day. We have a great reputation and believe that our hard work and core values have helped us build to what we are today.

Why do you choose to recruit for Swanstaff rather than elsewhere?

We chose to work for Swanstaff because we completely love the fun environment, our working facilities are excellent, bright, modern and our Head office gives us great support so we can achieve the best we can possibly achieve, both for candidates and clients alike. It’s hard work but we are rewarded – nothing good ever comes easy!

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