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Covid-19 Remote Child Contact Sessions

No disruption to Swan Family Supervised Contact:

Swan Family is committed to facilitating and maintaining contact between children and their non-resident family members, and in light of COVID-19 restrictions, we are operating an online service for supervised contact, providing contact for families regardless of location. This allows families, whether in court proceedings or not, to stay in touch and maintain relationships in spite of social-distancing restrictions. This can be particularly important for the emotional wellbeing of children and to reassure them during this time of uncertainty and change.

Our 9 Centres are also operating virtually, with availability to accommodate new referrals and requests at short notice and without waiting lists. In order to minimize further disruption to contact, new contacts can be set up quickly, with pre-contact meetings conducted online prior to the first session. 

The Child continues to be at the heart of our service, therefore the same safeguarding processes and procedures are followed online, adhering to NACCC guidelines. The audio/video call is fully supervised by a trained and qualified Contact Supervisor to ensure safe contact is maintained and children are fully safeguarded throughout. The supervisors can intervene and advise as necessary, and there is a function for the audio/video to be quickly stopped and contact terminated in case of inappropriate behavior or conversation during the video call. An evidence-based report is also provided for each session, which can be used for Court purposes.

The speedy set-up of our online contact service has minimized disruption to family contact and quickly alleviated children, young people and their families’ fears of not being able to keep in touch due to social distancing guidelines. Virtual contact is sustainable in the long term, for as long as is required during COVID-19.

Our online service has been thoroughly vetted, to ensure the security and protection of personal and confidential information and is supported by the various Local Authorities that we work with. We provide full support and guidance to families in setting up and accessing the online service, as well as tips and ideas for positive virtual contact. 

If you would like to set up a remote contact please complete the form below or alternatively call 0151 318 1236

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