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Covid 19

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With Coronavirus continuing to spread to different parts of the world, Swanstaff want to safeguard our staff, service users and clients to remain healthy and infection free.

Due to the nature of the work Swanstaff carry out, we want to ensure our staff and clients are fully informed of measures to take; therefore we have put together the following guide for our candidates and clients on how to avoid or avoid the spreading of Coronavirus.

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For the latest information and guidelines please visit the official GOV.UK site.

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Reducing the Risk

Swanstaff will provide alcohol hand gel at the main reception area to be offered to all visiting our offices. Staff and Visitors will be expected to wash their hands for 20 seconds with soapy water or use hand gel sanitiser. We have a ready supply of tissues available onsite and recommend that these be disposed of into a rubbish bin once used, and that you wash your hands for 20 seconds with soapy water or use hand gel sanitiser after. We will also ensure that bathrooms have an adequate supply of washing facilities, including soap, warm water and an appropriate method of hand drying. All hard surfaces that come into contact with hands (regularly) will be cleaned daily. Such surfaces will include the following, as a minimum:

  • Door handles.
  • Doorbells / intercoms.
  • Handrails, Banisters and Stairgates.
  • Taps, Toilet Roll Holders / Dispensers and Paper Towel Dispensers.
  • Work Tops, Serving Hatches, Tables and Chairs.

What to do if you are concerned

If you have symptoms you and others in your household should self isolate immediately, should you be unable to cope with your symptoms at home contact NHS 111 or in an emergency 999 to seek medical advice.  Also contact your Swanstaff representative or the HR department at Head Office on 01322 618100. Please follow this advice even if your symptoms are minor.

Quick Advice Guide - Swanstaff Candidates

  • Please notify us immediately via 01322 618100 if you or anyone in your household have symptoms.
  • In the event you are diagnosed with Covid-19 please ensure you contact our HR department on 01322 618100 and report your absence to your local branch at the earliest opportunity.
  • Please note that some of our clients will have their own procedures and policies relating to Covid-19 which we will advise you of if you need to take any action.

Quick Advice Guide - Swanstaff Clients

  • If you have any further queries about our policies or procedures with regards to Covid-19 please contact hr@swanstaff.co.uk
  • If you have any specific procedures you need us or our workers to follow with regards to Covid-19 that fall outside of the core government guidelines please contact your local Swanstaff branch to ensure they update your client record and can inform workers where required.
  • If you have confirmed cases within your workplace/site and have had or are due to have Swanstaff workers on site please notify our HR department immediately on 01322 618100
  • If your organisation is required to close for any reason please contact your local branch to ensure any booked workers can be advised.