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Advanced Moving and Positioning

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Healthcare staff training to use hoist at Swanstaff

Advanced Moving and Positioning (2 Days)

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This 2-day training course for the care sector provides delegates with the knowledge of current legislation and how it impacts on practice relating to Moving and Positioning of service users and objects. Participants will also gain knowledge of the importance of Risk Assessments and how to do them. Theoretical and practical knowledge of various pieces of moving and positioning equipment.

The course is aimed at those who have responsibility for the safe positioning of people in a care setting using a variety of equipment and will be required to produce moving and positioning risk assessments.    

Aims of this course

On this moving and positioning course you will gain the following knowledge:

  • How to move and position people in a way that uses the ergonomic  approach   
  • How to move and position people in a way that provides dignity, privacy and promotes the independence of the service user
  • Understand moving and  positioning legislation as it applies to Health and Social Care
  • Gain a better understanding of the spine  
  • How to look after their own back and identify possible causes of back pain
  • How to conduct a risk assessment to keep yourself and service users safe
  • How to safely move people with and without the use of specialist equipment
  • Unsafe moving and positioning practices
  • Reablement and Enablement
  • How to write effective Moving and Positioning risk assessments
  • To provide a variety of Practical Moving and Positioning with a variety of equipment
  • Guidelines on what equipment to use and when
Specific Course Structure & Content   
  • Moving and positioning  Law and Approved Codes of Practice Guidance
  • Moving and positioning Responsibilities
  • Anatomy of the Spine and Signs of Injury
  • The ergonomic approach
  • Unsafe Lifting Practices
  • The importance of Risk Assessment and how to do one
  • Safe Lifting Techniques, Position, and Posture
  • Equipment Inspection and servicing PUWER & LOLER
  • TILE  assessments – Task, Individual, Load, Environment, Equipment
  • The importance of Communication and Co-operation
  • Various types of equipment and guidelines for use
  • Hoist Guidelines and safe use
  • Importance of checking equipment before use
  • The fallen service user and emergency Moving and Positioning
  • Problem solving
  • Delegate Competency sign off
  • There will be an assessment questionnaire to be completed by all delegates at the end of the course
Practical session including
  • Sitting to standing with and without assistance, standing to sit with and without assistance. 
  • Use of a transfer belt with one carer and two sitting to standing, assisted walking, standing to sitting
  • Use of a turntable for positioning in and out of a car or into bed
  • Use of a transfer board
  • Use of a hoist and sling to position a service user in/out of a chair or bed
  • Rolling a service user on the bed/ bed changing and sling/slide sheet introduction
  • Use verbal prompts to assist a service user to get in and out of bed independently
  • Assisting a service user to move up/down the bed and in and out of bed
  • Rolling a service user with and without slide sheets
  • Positioning a service user in bed with slide sheets
  • Sitting a service user up with slide sheets
  • Using slide sheets to assist a person into bed
  • Introduction of slide sheets without rolling a service user
  • Using slide sheets to introduce a sling
  • Slide sheets to aid dressing (Slide sheets used will be both continuous and flat)

If you have specific equipment you would like your staff trained in please ask and we will do our best to accommodate this.   Also if you have a Moving and Positioning need for a specific client we can help with problem-solving and training staff with this.

Please note we will come to you and provide all equipment apart from a bed, stand aid and standing hoist which must be provided by the client.