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Epilepsy Awareness Training

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Man lying on floor after seizure

Epilepsy Awareness (3.5 hrs)

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Our Epilepsy Awareness training is designed to help those that work with individuals with Epilepsy in a variety of settings. We provide a full introduction to epilepsy. You will gain knowledge about Epilepsy and what to do if a seizure occurs.

You may be a support worker or carer that requires these skills in your everyday work or you may be a business owner, first aider, teacher or assistant that requires some knowledge of Epilepsy from time to time.

Aims of the Course
  • Prepare staff for working with epileptic service users
  • Provide understanding  of different types of seizure
  • Give an understanding of causes and triggers of seizures
  • Medication available
  • Treatments available
  • Emergency medication
  • Dispel some myths around epilepsy
Specific course content:
  • What is epilepsy
  • Causes of epilepsy
  • Dispelling some of the myths around epilepsy
  • Risk Factors Involved
  • Seizures and seizure types including status epilepticus
  • Diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy
  • What to do if you witness a seizure
  • First aid for seizures
  • Emergency medication and it's effects
  • When to call emergency services
  • Living with epilepsy
  • Epilepsy and how it affects individuals in their care
  • Their responsibilities to service users and others in the workplace
  • Role-play practical of administration of Buccal Midazolam

There will be an assessment questionnaire to be completed by all delegates at the end of the course