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Observation Skills Training

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Vital Observation Skills for Health Care Assistants (3.5hrs)

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Our half-day vital observation skills course is designed to provide an introduction to the responsibilities in observation and the legal requirements of accurate reporting in Social Care. It is relevant to people who provide personal care to clients in care settings and will enable them to monitor individuals in their care. This course is primarily for those who work within a health & social care setting and who may be required to record the vital signs of individuals in their care.

Aims of this course
  • To provide staff with the knowledge to take Vital observations of individuals in their care
  • Demonstrate the ability to record  this clearly on an observation chart
  • The responsibility of workers to report any changes with the individual in their charge.
  • Improvement of skills
  • Provide additional skills to your employer
Specific Course Structure & Content
  • What is a vital observation?
  • What is Blood Pressure
  • What is the normal range of Blood Pressure
  • How do we take Blood Pressure
  • Why do we take a pulse
  • What does it tell us
  • How to take a pulse
  • Normal range of temperature
  • Low and High temperature
  • How to take a temperature
  • Respirations and what is acceptable range
  • How to take respirations
  • The importance of vital observations.
  • Practical observation skills.
  • Recording on an observation chart
  • Keeping records and reporting concerns.
Practical role play topics
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Temperature
  • Respiration rate
  • Plotting on an observation chart
  • Competency assessment by trainer

At the end of the session there is a questionnaire assessment to ensure understanding.