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Person Centred Care Training

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Care worker assisting patient with physical exercise

Person Centred Care (3.5hrs)

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This course is primarily for those who work within a health & social care setting. Delegates will learn about the development of modern day care, relevant legislation and why person centred care planning is crucial to ensure the care provision meets the service user’s individual needs. The course considers whole person care and the influences that shape a person’s values along with the core principles that are fundamental to good care planning.

Who can benefit from Swanstaff's person centred care course?

This course is primarily for those who work within a health & social care setting.

Aims of this course

  • Care: To care for individuals in a person centred needs led way
  • Compassion: To be able to empathise with individuals in your care
  • Competence: To care for the individual in the way they wish to be cared for
  • Communication: To communicate in a way that is appropriate for the individual to ensure understanding by both individual and carer to avoid misunderstanding
  • Courage: To be able to represent the individual and ensure good practice
  • Commitment: To deliver good quality care ensuring you are aware of your role and responsibilities

Specific Course Structure & Content

  • What is person-centred care
  • Focus on individual rather than group needs
  • Relevant legislation and guidelines
  • Challenges care-givers to examine attitudes and their care practice
  • Expectations of consumers
  • Values of Person-centred Care
  • Key concepts
  • Seeing the person and not the illness
  • Autonomy and control of their own care
  • Regulatory expectations
  • Expectations of third parties
  • How can you deliver more person-centred care
  • Essential elements including core psychological needs
  • How can carers demean and depersonalise individuals
  • Characteristics of a Person Centred team
  • Esther in the room Methodology
  • Group work and discussion

There will be a formal questionnaire at the end of the session to ensure trainee understanding and competency