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Stroke Awareness Training

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Man holding head - Stroke Awareness Training Swanstaff

Stroke Awareness Training (3.5hrs)

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This course is primarily for those who work within a health & social care setting caring for individuals who have had a stroke and are living with the consequences. Delegates will learn about the causes of Stroke and be able to understand how they happen. They will also learn about the rehabilitation and help available to individuals along with ways to reduce the chances of a stroke happening.

Aims of this course
  • To give a basic understanding of the structures of the brain
  • To have an understanding of the causes of strokes
  • Types of stroke
  • Emergency care
  • Rehabilitation and healthcare professional involvement
  • Prevention
  • To give an understanding of the needs of people who have impairment due to stroke
  • Principles of care

Specific Course Structure & Content
  • The cost of Stroke
  • Facts and Figures
  •  F.A.S.T
  • What is a Stoke
  • The 2 different  types
  • Signs of a Stroke
  • Causes of a Stroke
  • Common symptoms and problems
  • Transient Ischaemic Attack
  • Stroke can happen to anyone
  • Medical conditions associated with Stroke
  • Rehabilitation
  • Health Professionals
  • Promoting choice and decision making
  • Going into care or accepting care at home
  • Communication
  • Build staffs confidence in working with individuals
  • Helping individuals to live well with stroke
  • Group work, exercises and discussion
  • Best Interests and Duty of Care
  • Prevention

There will be a questionnaire at the end of the session to ensure learner understanding